Welcome to the Official Isthmian League Archive!

This archive has now been updated to include the 2021/22 Isthmian League season. All 85,222 First Team League matches are recorded here, along with their results, dates and 60,305 of the attendances from 1905 to the present day. Additionally, it includes all the major Isthmian League competitions and a full Youth League and Cup section, which have also been fully updated and I have now added a Reserves section (1919-77) and a Development Section too.

For new visitors, these results and dates have been cross referenced against dozens of other independent websites, club archives and history books to ensure accuracy. Just select the area you wish to look at by clicking on the relevant button below.

I have three match results still under scrutiny and these are listed in the Anomalies section. If anyone can help by providing a copy match report for any of those outstanding issues it would be appreciated. Please also note that some official League tables were found to be incorrect and are now corrected here, along with an explanation of why they were wrong in the first place.

If anyone has any Isthmian League Bulletins from before 1987/88 that I could borrow for a week or two to copy, please drop me a line. Also if you have any Suburban League or Southern Youth League bulletins prior to 2012/13 as I am currently working on side projects too.

If any club wishes to include a link to this site on their websites, I would be extremely grateful. It may inspire your future club historians!

If anyone has any queries or questions, or wishes to advertise their services here, just drop me a line at: richard.c.lambert@gmail.com - Thank you and enjoy the site.

Latest Update - 28th May 2022 - The latest update to the Reserve Section of the Isthmian League is now available. Just click on the new button lower down.

It is still very much a work in progress. As a result, there is just one spreadsheet. As before I am searching for either three independent verifications of each result or a match report but I am still missing many, despite already having trawled through thousands of old newspapers. In view of this, I would ask you to pay particular attention to my colour scheme codes. If a cell is not coloured green, then it is not yet fully verified, so please do not replicate it publically until it is!

If anyone possesses old Isthmian League programmes from between 1919/20 and 1970/71 or for 1976/77 that contain lists of Reserve team results and/or dates (even partial lists), please can you send pictures over to me and I will cross reference them here, adding as many as I can where required. My email address is lower down. Thank you.

Further to my comments regarding the digitisation of the Isthmian League Statistical Reviews, it is still my intention to create "Mike's Corner" within this website, which will include all Mike Wilson's statistical reviews and his other books which related to the Athenian, Corinthian, Spartan and Delphian Leagues, and someone has been in touch recently to offer their books to be photocopied, so hopefully this will be up and running by the end of 2022.